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Sharefunders make it easy and simple to use shares to develop unlisted companies. Together with legal and corporate finance partnes we provide a complete set of tools allowing companies to sell and manage shares directly through the internet. Our cloud-based software solutions are inspired by crowdfunding and IPO processes, ensuring that companies, professional investors and retail investors are matched in an optimal financial process and in accordance to Danish regulation.

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Register your company

The first steps for issuing shares, is to first register your company in the Sharefunders database. After an initial screening, you and your team will be contacted by Sharefunders consultants, fill in a form and agree legal terms on the general assembly. In a closed investment round, we will raise a minimum of 500.000 DKK to transform the company in to an A/S, a stock-based corporation. After the company is established as an A/S, the remaining shares can be offered to the public in an open round. Capital will be transferred, and all legal matters will be handled by Sharefunders and partners.








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After signing up, you will be able to buy shares in private companies directly through the internet. When you are registered in our investor database, you will also be in the loop of active and up-and-coming campaigns. Make sure to follow elements within your field og expertise and bid on projects you find interesting and valuable. After a bid has been confirmed, the capital is transferred, and you become a shareholder in the chosen company. Money will be refunded if the offer is not fully subscribed.









Online public offerings

Public companies (aktieselskaber) can choose to let the public help funding company growth. This allows the general public to actively participate in the growth of the company and a great idea. In this scenario, companies can reach out to people interested to see value from new ideas and projects, and get important feedback in the early stage of new ventures.


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